Guest Posts/Author Interview Info

I welcome all authors who are interested in doing a guest post or interview. I'm mainly open to any topics (within reason for the audience of the page). Please feel free to contact me at to set it up.

Note: While I will not alter anything in your post/interview without your knowledge and consent, I do make it known that any opinions or text in the interview or post belongs solely to the author, and doesn't reflect my own views. I acknowledge that I am not being paid for, or am benefiting in any way for hosting an author interview or guest post - and any items provided to me will be free of cost for the benefit of the post/interview (I.E. - ARCs, pictures, giveaway items, etc.) The main purpose is to reach an audience that may not have known about my blog or the author, or are a fan of either and are supporting both.

Happy posting! (And interviewing :o)


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