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Review Policy: If anyone is interested in having a book reviewed on My Enchanted Bookshelf, please contact me at I accept hard copies of any Young Adult books in the paranormal, contemporary, historical and fantasy genres. My reviews are posted on my site as well as, and any other sites at your request. At this time, I prefer not to receive E-books but will accept them at my discretion if offered. Also, I typically prefer not to receive or review self-published titles but again will accept at my discretion. 

I will attempt to review books as quickly as possible, however I am not responsible for reviewing every book that I am sent. Books that are sent to me may be used as a Give Away item or passed to another reviewer once I've reviewed the book. Please note that most all books will be reviewed.

If you are an author and are interested in having a feature post or would like to have an interview or guest post please contact me at

DISCLOSURE: Please note that this is a personal blog that has been written and edited by me. I do not accept any forms of advertising or sponsorship, and am not paid for any of the reviews that are posted. I have created this blog for my own addiction to reading and writing, and to help promote authors and their work for free.


My reviews are based on a points system with a total of 25 possible points. Each of the following categories are graded up to 5 points a piece:

- Story/Plot
- Characters
- Writing
- Ending
- Cover

1-5 points equals a 1-Cupcake rating; "Not too tasty"
     *Didn't like the book but finished it. Would not recommend.

6-10 points equals a 2-Cupcake rating; "Needs More Frosting"
     *Wasn't crazy about it; had a few good points; might recommend to right person.

11-15 points equals a 3-Cupcake rating; "Mmm ... Yummy"
     *Enjoyed this book but may have lacked in specific criteria; would recommend.

16-20 points equals a 4-Cupcake rating; "Simply Delectable"
     *Really enjoyed this book; few flaws; held my attention and will freely recommend.

21-25 points equals a 5-Cupcake rating; "Positively Enticing"
     *Absolutely loved this book; had no real issues with it and am definitely recommending this book to any- and everyone!

I will include author information/websites, purchase options (links to B&N, etc), quotes, notable scenes, images, etc. to help promote my review. Again, all reviews are my own personal opinion, money is not requested or accepted for my reviews, and my blog is for personal pleasure only.

Any further questions can be directed to my Email address, which is listed above!


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