Saturday, July 30, 2011

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Lauren DeStefano

With her next book, Fever, the second of the Chemical Gardens Trilogy, due out in 2012 I decided to choose Lauren DeStefano as the first author for my Author Spotlight. So who is Lauren DeStefano? Per her website,, the twenty-seven year old hails from New Haven, CT and says that writing is just in her DNA. DeStefano credits T.S. Eliot, Francesca Lia Block, Vladimir Nabokov Madeleine L'Engle as her influences and credits her fifth grade teacher for showing her that writing can be more than just a hobby.
Majoring in English with a concentration in Cretive Writing from Albertus Magnus college, DeStefano learned how to expand her writing to cover new challenges. It was in college that DeStefano says she finally found the place to spread her wings and focus on her writing her one, true passion.

And so from this creative, literary genius the world was blessed with her debut novel, Wither, with its sequel due out February 2012. Already read Wither, or looking to get into the series? Visit to read excerpts and learn more about the books.
Want to learn more about this talented young author? Check out the FAQ section on her website as well as the stories tab for some great additional writing available by her.

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