Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Stole My Look {5}

Welcome to Book Stole My Look! (Previously titled, Double Take). Here I take two (or more) book covers that are coincidentally similar.

Today's Books:

I adore both of these covers. I'm starting to see a trend in both my likes, and in the YA paranormal genre as well. The minimal selection of colors is very appealing to the eyes. Both incorporate black, white, and differing shades of red. The reds in the Masque of the Red Death cover are brighter, stronger, and apply a different feel to the image than the muted, more toned down shades of red/maroon on the cover of Dearly, Departed. Another major similarity to these two covers is the umbrella. Due out 4/24/12, I haven't yet read Masque but I am so freaking excited to read it! That said, I cannot explain any symbolism of the umbrella to the story. As for Dearly, Departed I did begin this one however, unfortunately I did not finish it. Steampunk is a genre that I do not frequently read, and my having not read it (or finished it) really doesn't have anything against the author etc. it's just not my genre. So that being said, I also cannot explain any symbolism for the umbrella in this story either, other than it being an alternate-Victorian setting and the umbrella is a staple of that era. 

I can't decide which cover I like more; however I do like the pose of the model on Dearly. As Masque is based on the Edgar Allan Poe story, the mystery and oddity of the "model" on the Masque cover makes sense. I also love both fonts, and I think the placement of the title, author's name, and snippet are all well balanced out. I think I might  choose the Masque cover as my favorite in this scenario.

What do you think?

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  1. I love how both covers look, but I still have to read them.


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