Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Stole My Look {7}

Book Stole My Look: The Darkest Powers Edition

I have read all three books in this trilogy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves witches, ghosts, werewolves, necromancers, you name it - this series has it! They are wonderful, addicting, and there is now a spin-off series, The Darkness Rising Series, that as far as I believe are supposed to somehow eventually tie into the Darkest Powers trilogy as they are set in the same world.

The covers aren't the most amazing that I've ever seen; however I do enjoy that the theme continued throughout the series on all three books. When you read them, you see that the amulet that Chloe, the main character, is holding on the cover has a very significant meaning. Also, the fact that they have different colors on the covers plays into the plot of each book. The half-cut-off face is something that is pretty popular in YA books. I feel like the first book, the model "Chloe" has her head turned as if she isn't confident in herself - which she isn't. In book #2 she faces the camera head-on, and in the book Chloe is coming into herself and owning who she is, gaining confidence. But then book #3 kind of trips me up. I feel like if her head was tilted up a teensy bit more it would feel like she was ultra-confident, even with her head turned away from the camera. I get that vibe still, but not to the degree that I feel it should be conveyed.

I have not yet read the new series but I do own the first book. The covers are different, as you can clearly see, opting for a muted, limited palette of blues, grays, and blacks. It's easy to tie them into the first three books, as they have similar layouts, fonts, and title/author name placement; but still stand on their own as their own "spin-off" series. Choosing to use only a couple of colors lends an air of mystery and intrigue to the books, whereas the first three books, while also using only several colors, seem to represent more going on in the story line. 

What do you think?

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