Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Horrible Sickness...

    So I have come to the decision that I do not need WebMD’s symptom checker to diagnose myself. I have the dreaded, horrible TWILIGHT SYNDROME. Seriously, I believe this is a real thing!!!

Oh, Edward Cullen, how you’ve ruined my life! No one in any of the books I’ve read since the Twilight Saga can compare to Edward’s sweet, caring, honest sincerity.

I hate always comparing the guys in books to Edward because, honestly, it’s not really fair. However, it just means maybe the traditional old-fashioned guy is what girls or maybe just ME?? want more of!

And so, as I read my way through book after book I continue to suffer from TWILIGHT SYNDROME. Sigh. Maybe someday I’ll fall ill with another boy syndrome (And Ssshhh.don’t tell my boyfriend!!!)

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