Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I Didn't Like...FALLING UNDER by Gwen Hayes

Why I Didn’t Like

TITLE: Falling Under
BY:Gwen Hayes

Let me begin first by saying that my first impression of the book was YES!!! Finally something DIFFERENT!

And then……It just completely lost me. Fast. And Hard. Boo.

So let’s start at the beginningwe meet Theia Alderson. Right of the bat we learn that it’s just her and her overprotective, overbearing father in their big, scary, lonely gingerbread Victorian. We learn Theia, who sometimes is referred to as “Thei” ß HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THAT?!? Is friends with Donnatella aka DONNY who is the “bad” girl. There’s also Amelia who I adored. It’s not good when you find yourself liking a supporting character more than the main characterSIGHAnd then we meet the love interestHADEN BLACK. One word for Haden? A*Hole. Straight, cannot stand, hardcore A*Hole. There is NOTHING to like about Haden! At all.

And there is no consistency in Theia’s character. If her father’s so strict why is she so free to do whatever she wants??? Going out to a dance club? Hmm. So what Hayes is saying is, “Go ahead girls, swoon for the A*hole hottie-bad boy even if he treats you like crap? Uh. No. Thanks.

I gave up after 200 pages of fodder when I really REALLY wanted to like this.

My take? The writing held the book through as well as the imagery Hayes can definitely present great scenes.
  Otherwise? Don’t waste your time.

End of story.

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