Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coming Soon ...

Welcome to my "Coming Soon..." post where I let everyone know what's to come on My Enchanted Bookshelf.

I'm getting ready to move in the next month or two so I've been trying to go through some of my books because I have I want to say probably 400-500 of them right now. That being said, I am going to be introducing "My Enchanted Marketplace" where I will list books that are up for sale or trade. All the info is still being worked out, so once I have it squared away I will publish a post with all the info and such.

Also, as part of my TBR Challenge I've decided to have "A Very Fairy February" and get through some of my fairy-themed books. A separate post also will be published listing which books I'll be reading. Feel free to join in as well!

April I have deemed angel month. This as well will be my own mini-TBR Challenge as again, like with my February mini-challenge, I have angel-themed books to work my way through. Again, further info will be posted shortly.

 * Reviews coming soon are: Ripple by Mandy Hubbard as well as Stork and Frost (books #1-2) by Wendy Delsol.

I am also hoping to try some Vlogs for my "On My Bookshelf" posts and possibly reviews but at this point, I hate myself on camera, lol so no promises!

I've already failed on my one resolution to visit more blogs so expect to see my name more commenting on your posts! If you don't see me, please, feel free to yell at me, thanks!

Other than that, I hope everyone's having a safe and happy winter so far - not sure where you all live but here in Buffalo, NY we haven't really had winter yet. We are about 40 inches below average on snow fall. It's so weird considering we are usually one of the top snowiest cities in the country!!

Until next time.... Happy reading!

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