Saturday, February 4, 2012

Theme of the Month: Fairies!

So, I've decided to have a few themes for this year and I'm starting with February - my least favorite month to say (since it usually comes out febrerrarry. I don't know why I can't pronounce it!) and deeming it, "A Very Fairy February"!

To kick off my theme of the month, I'm starting with Alyxandra Harvey's Stolen Away. Below is a list of other potential Fairy-themed books that I will try to tackle this month. Also, since I own the ones listed, I'll be able to make a decent dent in my TBR Challenge as well - and who doesn't love killing 2 birds with 1 stone? (I really need to make up my own saying instead since being a vegetarian I probably shouldn't kill birds I suppose, lol)

Feel free to join in and leave comments with what Fairy books you'll indulge in this month!

 - The Iron King - The Iron Fey #1 - by Julie Kagawa
 - Wings: A Fairy Tale - Fairy Wings #1 - by E.D. Baker
 - Wings - Wings #1 - by Aprilynne Pike
 - Radiant Shadows - Wicked Lovely #4 - by Melissa Marr
 - Darkest Mercy - Wicked Lovely #5 - by Melissa Marr
 - The Enchanted Quest - The Faerie Path #5 - by Frewin Jones
 - The Iron Witch - The Iron Witch #1 - by Karen Mahoney

I know I won't get to ALL of the books listed above, but if I can get through a couple I'll be happy!!

Happy Fairy February, Everyone!

Until Next Time - Happy Reading!

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