Monday, June 18, 2012

Update on my Stupid Computer situation

So I posted last week that my computer had gotten a nasty virus; and that it was out of service. Currently I am using Boyfriend's work laptop. A few weeks ago Google Chrome was giving me a message whenever I tried visiting my blog that the website Shabby Blogs, where I got my layout from, was infected with malaware. Not truly understanding what that meant from a blogger utilizing their content meant, I didn't do anything more than remove the background from my blog - assuming that was fine.

Now I am on Boyfriend's computer, posting away like usual, and bam! it shuts off on me in the middle of composing a post. I am TERRIFIED. If Boyfriend's work computer gets infected, well I might as well move to Zimbabwe because I'm screwed. I deleted my header now, and am not going to use my signature anymore in posts but I can't say if this was the cause, or if it will solve anything if it was. Many people have posted on Shabby Blogs asking what this means that they used their content. Is it safe to continue? Are we at risk for viruses or infecting other peoples computers? I don't know. They haven't responded. I've posted as well, asking what it means. Hopefully they address this soon because I am FREAKED OUT.

If anyone has any advice or knows anything about the Shabby Blogs issue please let me know... if anything happened after you visited my site, I'm SO SORRY. I literally have to delete most of the stuff on my blog right now because it was all from Shabby Blogs. URGH.

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