Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Stole My Look {6}

Welcome to Book Stole My Look! Here I take two (or more) book covers that are coincidentally similar.

Today's Theme is: Masks

I love masquerade masks! I don't know what the appeal is, or what it is that draws me to them, but I adore them. They are all so individual and ornate. Here's a couple covers adorned with masks:

Remembrance by Michelle Madow
Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz
Cross My Heart by Sasha Gould
Aurelia by Anne Austerland

My Thoughts: I think each of the covers above are beautiful in their own way. Of the five, Incarnate is the most colorful one, beautiful in its own right. Aurelia and Cross my Heart both have black as the dominant background color, while Masquerade and Remembrance use it more subtly. I've only read two of the books above; Masquerade, which most definitely includes a masquerade ball; and Incarnate, which symbolically the butterfly "mask" plays a big part of the main character, Ana. 

I've always loved the Masquerade cover, and it is initially what drew me into the Blue Bloods series. Keeping in the tradition of very muted, neutral colors on paranormal YA covers, Masquerade's cover balances well with the porcelain whites, metallic grays, and the black bridge/cityscape across the bottom. Font placement is great as well. All of the covers share the title and author names across the bottom, giving the model and masks the full use of the top half of the color which is great. I love the full on view of Incarnate's model too, where Cross My Heart and Remembrance choose side or 3/4 views. I believe this plays into the symbolism that is being displayed as well. For Incarnate, the full on view with the model's eyes making eye contact with the reader gives an air of confidence and strength. Aurelia's cover, with the models eyes downcast and the mask held just below her chin gives a sense of maybe betrayal? Like her identity has been found out, but she refuses to let her mask fall away completely. Her eyes down means she's still trying to keep herself hidden. The model's look on the Remembrance cover gives off a flirtatious feel, like come on, follow me! Then again this book is supposed to be based on Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story" so maybe that's exactly what it's supposed to convey! I'm sure we've all heard the song so it's easy to piece together.

What I love about covers having masks on them, is that it gives off an air of mystery, of hidden identity and secrets. I haven't read three of the books but judging them by the cover, you can assume that they will probably encompass one or more of the above. 

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I am with you on the love of masquerade masks and I am lucky enough to work with them all day!
    Great blog!


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